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 Post subject: ScottishVAG Club Rules
PostPosted: Sat Jun 09, 2007 9:24 pm 

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We expect all users to read these rules and guidelines and obey them.

If you have any query regarding any rule or guideline then please contact a Crew member. Furthermore, if you are in any doubt about posting something that may not be acceptable on our Forums then please do not post it.


Registration is free to take part in our Public Forums.

We do have account validation in place, so please ensure you use a valid E-Mail address when registering on the Forums. Please do not use offensive (or what some people might perceive as offensive) User IDs or email addresses.

Message content

ScottishVAG does not assume any responsibility for the content of any message on these Forums. You (the user) remain solely responsible for the content of your posts and private messages to others. Please be polite and respectful and because this is largely a forum open to the public behave in a fashion suitable for the public. Please do not post "inflamatory" comments. This means any comment that you know any person may take offence to or "escalate" the discussion to a heated arguement. By all means post a opinion but please do so in a polite, respectful and articulate manner.

While most forum users are often interested in other makes of cars outwith VAG, we ask that everyone please respect that the site is a VAG interest site. If you want to post a post specifically about Non Vag content, by all means do so but please have "Non-VAG" in the Title as to allow forum users to skip the topic if they so desire.

If you feel a post is inappropriate, offensive or can see its breaking the rules, you may assist the mod team by reporting the post to draw it to our attention. This facility is anonymous to forum users (but obvioulsy the mods and admin can see who has reported the post).

Do not post:

images of, or links to, pornographic material
links to illegal discussions or software
spam (outwith the General Chat section)
swear words or bypass the swear filter
political, religous or racist comments
private individual's personal information
Private message content without all parties permission first.
inflammatory comments which lead to an arguement
personal attacks or offensive comments against another member
threats of voilence

Naming and Shaming

The club operates a 'no naming and shaming policy' because we have been threatened with legal action in the past and under 'vicarious liability' it is the Crew who are subject to any such legal action, not the member who posted nor the club as an entity.

Unfortunetaly we only ever hear one side of the story in such cases.


Avatars are allowed on our Forum, you can add an avatar using the options in your Profile Control Panel.


These are turned on at present but please do not abuse them . Keep signatures to a minimium size, if your signature uses huge amounts of space you will be asked to remove it. For graphics please keep file size below 100k, and the total signature size should be no more than 3 lines of text. Where possible use small font sizes for signatures - remember other users want to read posts, not threads where all of the content is dominated by signatures! Signatures should also not contain any of the content that falls under 'Do Not Post', this will be class under the same as and will result in your sig being deactived. Signature should be kept to a size of 700 x 120 pixels.Signatures should not be used to advertise services or items for sale.There are suitable sections for these purposes.

Images in posts

We all like to post and view photo's of Cars and photo's from events. However, not everyone uses high resolution Monitors or has fast Internet Connections. As such, please make sure images are no larger than 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels high.

For Sale/Wanted areas

The For Sale and Wanted areas of the Forums are currently open to everyone.

Cars For sale section must use the template as listed in: viewtopic.php?f=179&t=95069

Sellers must post an accurate description of said item for sale as well as a price, posts that only contain links to other sites will be removed. The paid members voted that a no nonsence approach is best, which means you put a price up to what you expect to get for your item. If there is no price listed then an automatic removal will take place. It is also advised if you can, to take some photo's of each item for sale. We would also advise that you post where the item is and as much details as possible, so people don't have to ask. No discussion is allowed in the For Sale area, Bumps are only allowed once every 7 days, bumping within this 7 day count will incure an automatic removal. Please note that this section is set to auto prune every 14 days so make sure if you want to keep the add its bumped between 7 and 14 days.

Note to Businesses: The forum is primarily for private indviduals, if you are a business and regularly wish to use the site to advertise, please join as its only fair you pay some small advertising costs for moderate advertising. If you wish to use the site for advertising then please contact the mod team to look at business sponsorship etc.

If you are interested in buying an item, the prefered method is to Private Message the Seller. Do not post general replies saying how nice the item is or your opinion of the price of the item, the post reply is for use for genuine interested buyers to ask pertinent questions that may be useful to other interested parties. Occasionally admin may post too.

The Wanted section allows you to find items you are looking for. Replies to wanted requests can be made in the thread.
There are no restrictions for non-paid members posting multiple threads in the Wanted section.

What happens if I break a rule?

If you have broken a rule, a Moderator or Administrator may delete or edit the offending post or thread. Moderators and Administrators may not neccesarily contact you to tell you of the editing or deletion. As of January 2009 the mods have agreed to make better use of the in built forum moderating tools. This means that mods will issue "warnings" to forum users to keep track of what the mod team are up to. This will avoid the case of a post being reported and three mods PMing the same user (this has happened!). So please dont be offended if you receive a "warning" its not neccesarily a serious incident by any means but merely a more efficient way of moderating.

If a thread has been removed. Please dont repost the same thread/post if it has been removed as this will count against you. Posting 'Where has my thread/post gone' is also going to count against you. Also posting 'Part2' etc will be classed in the same way.

The penalties for rule breaking are:

Warning for:
images of or links to pornographic material
links to illegal discussions or software
posting spam (outwith the General Chat section)
swearing or bypassing the swear filter
political, religous or racist comments
posting private individual's personal
Posting private message content without the other parties permission
bringing the club into disrepute

Warning + immediate 7 day ban for:
inflammatory comments which lead to an arguement
personal attacks or offensive comments against another member

Warning + immediate 30 day ban for:
threats of voilence

on reaching 3 warnings a 1 month ban
on reaching 6 warnings a 6 month ban
any warning beyond 6 is another 6 month ban

All warnings to be removed 2yrs after the date of issue

Permanent ban to be retained and will be used in the event of actual physical violence at club meets or other 'exceptional circumstances'.

Behaviour at meets

Members are expected to behave reasonably at meets and not to behave in a manner that causes upset to other members, damage to property or brings the club into disrepute.

Any member who behaves in an unreasonable manner will receive a warning on their forum account and, depending on the severity of the offence, may receive a ban ranging from a seven day ban to a permanent ban.

I think I have been harshly/wrongly treated?

From time to time mistake's can happen , moderators are human and do make errors. If you feel this applies to you please contact a member of the Administrators team or someone from the ScottishVAG Crew detailing the circumstances and we will investigate for you and reconsider our descision.

Amendment of Rules

The ScottishVAG Crew reserves the right to revise these rules if and when it is deemed necessary. All such modifications take full force and effect immediately thereafter.


The forums are here for you - please treat them and other members with respect. If you do this, the forums and it's members will treat you the same in return. Enjoy your time on the ScottishVAG forum.

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